Is It Safe To Remove Earwax With Ear Candle

Ear candles are an alternative technique for cleaning ears by using special candles. Ear wax that is rarely cleaned will interfere with comfort. To clean, now many people choose to use ear candles or ear candles. But are there any side effects? Ear candles are considered more practical and cleaner to remove ear wax. The ear care providers also claim the use of ear candles can provide a relaxing effect even they say treatment with ear candles can cure sinusitis, sore throat, flu, vertigo, and hearing problems. Unfortunately, there is no research that says that this method is effective in cleaning ear wax. In fact, some health articles mention, ear candles can cause ear wax to go deeper and cause injury, both inside and outside. Risks of Using Ear Candles The use of ear candles can cause injury or risk of ear disorders, including in the form of: Blockage of the ear by melting wax and cause surgery must be done.Temporary hearing loss.Damage or perforation of the eardrum.The entry of…
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